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The Asian Swimming Championships are a major aquatics event, held every four years among athletes from Asian countries. It is conducted under the governance of the Asian Swimming Federation, the governing body of aquatics in Asia. It was the first time in history that the four disciplines were going to  be hosted in the same venue and the Organizing Committee and UAE Swimming Federation were proud to have been given the chance to organize such a big event.


Being held for the first time in dubai, we had to come up with a symbol that would go in hand with the four discpline of swimming.


We choose the triangle symbol to represent the elements of earth and water . The point-up triangle can represent male energy, fire and air as masculine elements. The point-down triangle can represent female energy,  water and earth as feminine elements since the competition included both gender.
The blue color was choosen to represent the ocean, and within the triangle  there were four symbols discpline of swimming representing, swimming, diving, water polo, and synchronized swimming.


The outcome results were to the client expectations.

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