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The client was looking for a brand which combines the modern Dubai, along with a touch of its heritage to represent the Dubai Tour 2014.


We decided to use a unique typo font and word for this logo of Dubai tour 2014. We had an idea of merging the typo in a shape of a person cycling a bicycle, at the same time using the classic arab writting simply to represents the concept. We used the letters DXB, which represent dubai and designed them in such a way that the letters will go with the concept of the cycling to bring out the concept of cycling. This was done along with close consultation from the client.The identity was inspired by the simplicity in typography and the circular shape of the only three alphabets in the brand name

The heritage of dubai was emplimented through the colors. Dubai's rich desert is represented through the golden colour plus the beautiful sea of Dubai is projeted through the blue colour. 

The text typo of Dubai tour 2014 also is having a wavy style taken from the sand of Dubai and waves from the ocean.

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