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about the client

The Organic news is a monthly magazine that  belongs to the Abu Dhabi Organic Farm that has been a work in progress for several  years, and finally received full certification in December 2007. The first internationally recognised organic farm was certified in Abu Dhabi by the Food and Agriculture Organisation and the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements. An array of colourful vegetables such as tomatoes, potatoes, herbs, aubergines, capsicum, fennel and pumpkin, among others, are cultivated in greenhouses and cooling houses spread over 24,000 square metres, and delivered by the retail arm, Mazaraa.




When Organic news first approched us they wanted a design and  production for their magazine that  reflected  the look and feel of an organic life, freshness and naturality. An appealing look that will attaract anybody who was reading their organic news.


Working closely with them we first had to take snap shots of their planting when in the field and when the crops were already harvested, then we selected the colors that represented nature and some other colorful colors. All these were used to design and produce the magazine of which they worked out well


The client was satisfied as the output  was appealing more than what he expected, because the magazine contents invited alot of people to visit the farm in Abu Dhabi.

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